Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year to My Reader!

So the Yuletide season is over and we enter a new year of possibilities and hope. Or, as the cynical evil twin that lives in my head would put it: New Year, Same Old Shit.

I’m back at work, feeling very mellow and happily exchanging the usual “how was Christmas for you?” pleasantries. I know this will last precisely as long as it takes for some fuckwitted client feedback or a similar obstacle to be put in my grumpy path.

Mind you, I think working is preferable to house husbandry. This isn’t because I didn’t enjoy my time with Stan – I absolutely loved being with him. It’s primarily because at least I’ll be weaned off my addiction to David Dickinson’s Real Deal and Paul O’Grady.

Highlights of the festive period
  • Seeing the Mila, Frankie and Stan opening their presents
  • Stan scratching on his Leapfrog DJ Activity Centre
  • Christmas dinner – yes, we used goose fat on the spuds ala Nigella and they were delicious
  • Having a go on a Nintendo Wii –it was funny to see Emily’s competitiveness come out playing tennis against her sister, Lucy. It was like watching a cave woman having a fit – Lee (Lucy’s boyfriend) and I nearly pissed ourselves laughing.

Festive lowlights
  • Telly was shite – particularly Little Britain Abroad – the jokes have worn thinner than Matt Lucas’s hair
  • Washing up after aforementioned festive feast
  • New Year sales – the frenzied look in the eyes of consumers was extremely scary
  • The weather was shitter than the telly
New Year’s Resolution
  • Really get fit this time, honest

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Steve said...

Am impressed by the goose fat (hey it doesn't take much)... namely that you were able to acquire some. It was all sold out here so we had to have our roasties ala Gordon Ramsey instead... (at least it wasn't ala Hugh Fearnley-Shittingstall).