Friday, February 23, 2007

Does Anyone Else Do This? No. 5 in an Occasional Series

Er...Guiltily Want To Try On a Nazi Uniform

OK, first things first. It’s just so wrong isn’t it? I abhor what the Nazis did, I really do. I’m not a fascist, anti-semite or misanthropic sexual deviant. However, I’m going to bare my warped soul and admit that I think Nazi uniforms look pretty damn good and I’d love to parade about in one, perhaps clicking my heels a bit and smoking a fag in a cigarette holder.

While the Britisher Tommies were stuck with skulking around crappy khaki serge, the Gestapo were swanning around in sexy black with silver death’s head skulls. In fact, even ordinary German soldiers had far cooler kit than our boys. When I was a kid, I’d always dress my favourite Action Man in the German uniform (even though the Germans were always the villains in my games). Then, when I was slightly older, I have strong memories of seeing a still of Charlotte Rampling in ‘The Night Porter’, wearing a Gestapo peaked cap and very little else.

I suppose the reason the Nazi uniform looked so transgressively sexy on Rampling (and was indeed, I think, designed that way in the first place by the image-obsessed and theatrical Third Reich) is that the SS was, essentially, a death-cult. It’s this air of evil that attracts those with darker imaginations. Admittedly, unlike the elegantly scarred Aryan stereotypes in war movies, they were all inadequate bespectacled freaks. Banal monsters indeed.

After having kind of admitted the fascination to myself, I had a look on eBay for WWII German uniforms and found there’s a disturbingly strong demand for Nazi memorabilia. I don’t know whether they’re people like me, or fucked-up members of the BNP in Farnborough looking for something to put on their mantelpiece with their Samurai swords. I suppose the difference is, I wouldn’t, in reality, go as far as buying this stuff…


Steve said...

I have a penchant to dress like Frankie Howard in Up Pompeii... not sure if that's better or worse than being fixated with Nazi accoutrements.

It's a fact that Europeans have always dressed more stylishly than us Brits - it's true even today. I'm sure this has a lot to do with the superiority of the SS uniform over the potato sack hand-me-downs of the Tommies.

Anonymous said...

The WW11 German Stormtrooper uniform for Action was the best selling outfit...fact.

I loved the grey helmet and the fur ruck sack.

Anonymous said...

Hugo Boss designed 'em. Fact!

Kev R said...

Tristan had an erection whilst writing this blog.


Andrew Glazebrook said...

I'd say the closest to this and still be able to get away with it is a Star Wars Imperial Officer,just keep clear of Lord Vader !