Friday, March 16, 2007

Last Day at Rufus Leonard: Clearing Out Steptoe's Yard

Today’s my last day at Rufus Leonard and I feel positively wistful. I’ve only been at this agency for a year, but I’ve done work that I’m proud of, learned a huge amount and worked with people I respect. You can’t ask for much more from a job, really. What I especially like about Rufus is the lack of big egos. Even mine was muzzled most of the time!

I also met a creative director, Steve, whose desk looks even more like Steptoe’s Yard than mine. However, as usual, the junk has built up over the year.

Me and Steve sort through our stuff

So I decided to sort it all out before the day got going. Here’s what’s gone into my holdall:

  • 1 Lomo camera case
  • 1 Daks flatcap (brown)
  • 1 Creative PC speaker system
  • A pair of Asics trainers
  • 1 Victorian ceremonial short sword
  • 1 fetid gym-kit
  • 26 copies of 2000ad
  • 5 Guardian wall-chart posters
  • 1 Fusion art book
  • 1 Clint Eastwood postcard
  • The original drawings for the cartoons on this blog
  • 4 Amos In-Crowd ICWF wrestlers
  • 2 Japanese 3Age Marvel superhero figures: the silver Surfer and Daredevil
  • 1 Ringo Starr & 1 Blue Meanie
  • 1 Cylon Warrior
  • 1 Japanese Doctor Doom figure
  • A pair of Sony headphones
  • 1 book about rats

So it’s ‘goodbye Rufus’ and ‘hello Saatchi & Saatchi’. Maybe I’ll consider going minimalist at my next workstation…


Steve said...

Good luck, mate! ;-)

Stacey said...

Good Luck. Keep in touch and keep blogging. It's great. I was hoping you'd gone freelance.....