Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Panting Towards The Christmas Finishing Line

It's wrong to wish your life away, but I really am staggering on at work, desperate for Christmas to come. Oh, for a week of festive over-indulgence with not a single campaign brief in sight.

It's like being at the end of a marathon (not that I've ever run one, but bear with me while I let this analogy spin out): your legs are about to give way, you've had to shit yourself after 20 miles (do they sell incontinence pants for long-distance runners - 'Nike Skids' perhaps?) and you can feel your heart go all Douglas Adams. Yet you keep going, clinging to the thought of the finishing line.

In fact, I've been so keen for the festive season to come I've even been playing my 'Lovely Xmas' playlist at work. This has provoked mixed reactions, sadly. One habitually hungover account manager asked me to turn it down. I asked whether it was because she had a headache and she replied 'No, it's just shit music'. Bah, humbug indeed!


Steve said...

It's weird how Christmas encourages such a social dichotomy isn't it? People are either Scrooge or Bob Cratchit... still, better either of those than Bill Murray!

Tristan said...

...Or, indeed, Will Ferrell in 'Elf'. Although the scene with the dwarf always cracks me up - in fact, anything with a dwarf in it usually raises a laugh from me.

Steve said...

Hello there matey - you've just been tagged for Christmas. See my blog for details!