Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Stonehenge on eBay

Having been away for a short while and then returning with a pointless diatribe, I thought I ought to write something about my life. Like moving house, the new job and Emily’s pregnancy. Handling all three is proving to be a ‘challenge’, to use the modern business euphemism for a complete fucking nightmare.

Monoliths in the back garden
The move was exhausting, but our mood was lifted by the thoughtful extras left by the previous tenants, who were approximately thirty thousand South African builders fitted into one three bedroom house (you can imagine the amount of junk mail that still comes flooding through the letterbox).

Amongst the delightful objets d-arte was a monolithic arrangement of Perspex and steel panels in the back garden. I’d like to think that, having soaked up Britain’s history, these travellers from the former colonies decided to create their own tribute to Stonehenge using materials from a shop they’d demolished.

Since neither Emily nor I can drive, we had no way of getting rid of the monoliths – so thank god for eBay. I put it up for auction and, following the principle that there’s a market for every kind of shit in this world, someone bought it for the princely sum of 99p. They came al lthe way from Poole and collected last weekend. Even they couldn’t explain why the hell they bought it. Perhaps it has some kind of supernatural properties…

Hormonal hell
Despite the fact that the baby is thriving in the womb (I’ve never known such an active baby – he’s always kicking), poor Emily’s having a torrid pregnancy. After hyperemesis, she’s now being emotionally assaulted by her hormones. I don’t want to infringe on her privacy, so I won’t say any more than this: I am definitely having a vasectomy once the boy is born and we know he’s healthy. Neither of us can go through this again.

Rockin’ at Rufus
I’m now installed at Rufus Leonard and learning a lot in my role as Head of Writing. They’re a nice bunch here – there’s a few older veterans of agencies like Wolff Olins who I feel I can learn from. It’s proving to be interesting because I’m taking a more entrepreneurial role in selling copy services to clients. It’s something I’ve never been able to tap into at work before – my only outlet used to be eBay.

This blog isn’t about divorce at all
It’s funny how this blog started being about divorce and then changed into something else (i.e. a ‘braindump’ of my trivia. Oh god, I used the word ‘braindump’ and even inverted commas implying irony won’t save my soul now). Life has been so full of other stuff – like Emily’s pregnancy and a new job – that the fallout of divorce has been entirely irrelevant. Plus, Lucy and I also appear to have declared a ceasefire in the war of words. Isn’t it strange how the things you thought were a problem can suddenly evaporate?

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