Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Early Morning Hoodie Drama

I'm suffering from lack of sleep this morning after being woken at 3.30am by the noise of two kids trying to nick my scooter. I heard furtive clunks outside the bedroom window and, sure enough, there were the stereotypical hoodies attempting to dismantle my Vespa. Luckily I interrupted them before they got too far, but I still need to replace the ignition switch and horn cover, which will cost about £100.

Emily pointed out that she couldn’t count the number of times that we’d been the victims of low-level crime over the last few years. Although it wasn’t a particularly insightful book, one interesting point in ‘Freakonomics’ was that ‘soft’ punishment of crime leads to a higher crime rate. My impression is that kids know that there will be no consequences if they get caught by the police. And the average citizen is too scared to tackle them.

So how can we make sure there ARE consequences? How can the state redress the balance?

Anyone got any answers?


al a. bama said...

Electric chair.

Rico said...

Perhaps it's time for a law enforcement unit that acts as judge, jury and executioner.

Anonymous said...

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