Sunday, November 26, 2006

Broken My Bloody wrist!

I've had a typically idiotic accident, nearly falling down some stairs, and broken my right wrist. Oh, the joys of Whipps Cross hospital casualty dept. and the itchiness of a forearm in plaster. Unfortunately this means a) my arm will still be in plaster when I married next Saturday (I'll have put my arm behind emily in all the photos!) and b) I can only type with my left hand! Therefore entries will be short and snappy on this blog for a while!


Steve said...

Oi! Enough of the Frank Spencer impressions already!

recycled android said...

man, thats got to suck. I never have broken a bone before. I hope you do alright especially with the wedding.

and on a positive not congratulations.

recycled android said...

man sorry i got to work on my spelling
on a positive note congratulations.

sorry thats the second time i have done that...

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