Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sprains and Climate Change

It’s been a frenetic week at work, so I haven’t had time to give an update on the wedding wrist scenario. Well, it isn’t a fracture and the cast is off, so I’m enormously relieved (and Emily’s happy I can get my right arm into my suit!)

I went to Whipps Cross Hospital on Tuesday and, after hours of waiting and different x-rays, the final diagnosis was a sprained ligament and the cast came off. Thank Christ for that.

On an entirely different subject: climate change. Why isn’t there a big hullabaloo about the fact it’s almost DECEMBER and the LEAVES ARE STILL ON THE TREES. I notice the weeds are still happily flowering in my garden too. It’s all very, very wrong…

My garden yesterday


recycled android said...

glad you're able to put your arm through your suit good luck!

Steve said...

Hi mate, have to say it was bloody freezing in Leamo yesterday - reassuringly wintry... but I guess there's less pollution in the air here to act as insulation (despite the proximity of Birmingham). However I share your concerns - back when we were at North Leam School in the early 80's we were wearing thick coats, gloves, scarves and thermal underwear at this time of year... as it is now I'm merely doing my jacket zip up another notch and stuffing my hands into my pockets. The climate is effing messed up.

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