Wednesday, May 09, 2007

FOPP £3 Rack Hairy Nugget

The £3 rack in Fopp is a terrible thing. Albums are only there because they’re generally considered deeply crap, so there’s a good chance that you’ll either not find anything you’d like despite flipping through the CDs – or, oh horror, find something you do like. The worse of all worlds is that you find something you both liked and bought at full price. This accounts for most of David Bowie’s recent output, in my case! Today’s bargain basement nugget? ZZ Top’s Greatest Hits. Yes, every song sounds more or less the same – and there is a song called ‘Pearl Necklace’ – but those beards rocked the 80s, man. And what adolescent hetero boy, hormones raging, didn't hope that the video for 'Legs' would get played on Top of the Pops?


Steve said...

Personally I liked the Zed's touching, self confessional ballad "I'm A Rough Boy"... the Legs video was too American dumb blonde for my gothic tastes.

Great rack though. Fopp, that is.

mihai said...

Tristan, some further suggestions for ZZ Top tags:
beard, explorer, dinosaur, rawk, sexist, sexy, facial, hair