Thursday, November 08, 2007

Positivity Week, Part One

I’m trying to get into blogging again, after a long work-related lay-off. Looking at earlier posts I notice I have three modes of communication:

(a) Fulminating against modern life and (as I perceive it) other people’s idiocy

(b) Describing my own idiocy

(c) Cynicism in general

In an effort to inject some sunshine into this blog, I’ve decided to only write about nice things for a whole week, starting right here.


Jeez, this isn’t easy!


OK, here goes – I’m going to describe the small things that give me pleasure. Those little delights that give me a lift during my day. Perhaps you’d like to leave comments with yours?

The little things that enhanced my day so far are:

  • The consideration of Nintendo game developers

I’m playing ‘Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass’ on the DS (which is a pleasure in itself, but I won’t rhapsodise about it here) and was tickled to find that I was asked before I started the game whether I was left or right-handed. The interface was then configured for a leftie like me. Nice touch!

  • Stan’s new phrase

He’s started to say ‘Oh no!’ when he drops something or otherwise has a mishap. Although he says it in a way that suggests he’s enjoying himself. It really is the most adorable thing.

The map's upside down. Oh no!

1 comment:

Steve said...

Nice to see you back, matey. I must admit that despite the colic, Tom's "wind smile" as I call it is really cute and always makes me smile in response. Jeez, the kid is conditioning me already...

As a fellow cynic I aplaud your attempt to write about sunshine and nice stuff for an entire week but feel that you are doomed to failure. It's just the cynic in me you understand. Besides which, cynicism makes me happy... ;-)