Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Stan's Morning Commands

Now that Stan can talk a bit, he's enjoying issuing commands. It must be pretty cool - he can now tell us what he wants, whereas he used to wail, bibble or grunt and it was pot-luck whether we guessed the request correctly. In the morning, there's a set list of one word commands in his repertoire. Here they are in chronological order:

  1. "Buk!" (may I have book to read?)
  2. "Milkel!" (I want a bottle of milk)
  3. "Mummy!" (my dummy has been misplaced and I demand it's immediate insertion after removal of bottle)
  4. "Coat!" (remove my gro-bag, I wish to be mobile)
  5. "Cuggle!" (give me a cuddle)
  6. "Bek-fast!" (I wish to eat now)
  7. "Cake!" (no, not that substandard fare - give me cake)
  8. "Choc-la!" (actually, give me chocolate instead)
  9. "Shoes!" (I'm ready to have my footwear put on)
  10. "Coat!" (ready my outer garment for me)
As Stan appears to be entering the 'terrible twos' early, god help you if you don't comply quickly, let alone say 'no'. There's an indignant fit of tears and fury. It's hard to refuse him, as he is very cute, but we're teaching him that he can't always get what he wants, especially if he forgets to say 'please'. We'll no doubt be dealing with a fair few tantrums before that's fully sunk in!


Anonymous said...

love it - made me cry with laughter
stan's mummy

Steve said...

Don't type so fast... I'm trying to write all this down...! We're still at the "take a guess" stage (or What's My Line / Call My Bluff?)... so nice to know we have all this to look forward to! ;-)

Tristan said...

Yes, Prince Tom will be issuing royal commands soon, just like Prince Stanley!