Monday, February 13, 2006

Birthday boy

Today’s my birthday, so it’s a good moment to pause and think over where I’ve come from and where I’m going. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been on this Earth for 37 years. It’s a common experience for people to say that they stopped still in their mind at a certain age. In my case, it’s probably the age of 8.

I think most men mentally stop still at about that age. Or maybe it’s just modern men? We don’t seem to grow mature in the same way as previous generations. We still play video games, collect action men (in the form of expensive limited edition vinyl figures), dress like teenagers and act like children. Shame my body can’t stop still too (preferably at a post-puberty age, thank you) instead of gradually getting fatter, balder and crinklier.

Still, it could be worse – as my ex-wife charmingly pointed out in her birthday card, if we were counting in Dog Years, I’d be dead. The fact I got a card shows a thawing in relations, at least. Although there’s always a barb in there with Lucy. It actually amuses me these days.

The kids were lovely this weekend. We went to Bodeans for lunch, a faux-American hog-roast BBQ restaurant in Soho. Emily, Mila and I pigged out on ribs. Frankie, being the fussiest eater in the universe, had chicken and chips (even then he complained about the chicken being ‘peppery’). Frankie’s favourite meal is fishfingers, chips and beans. He’d give Jamie Oliver an aneurism.

Emily continues to get more and more pregnant. i.e. the bump is growing at a rapid rate and she’s getting increasingly hormonal. We have the 20 week scan tomorrow and we’ve both accepted that we’re going to ask the baby’s sex. We’re both crap at waiting for surprises…


Steve said...

The 200 week scan? Oh My God! How big is the bump?!

Tristan said...

You should work as a proofreader - you're wasted as a Building Supervisor!

Steve said...


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