Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Music in the office shocker

It’s a day of music today. My mum very kindly gave me some FOPP tokens for my birthday, so I strolled down to Shaftsbury Avenue and bought a few CDs. Here are my thoughts, having listened to them at work. Admittedly I’ll have been distracted by doing my job, but I think I can give you a flavour of what they’re like…

‘Sexor’ by Tiga
I first got into the electroclash-tastic teuton Tiga through his DJ Kicks mix. I know very little about him, other than he seems as camp as a Milletts warehouse with his delightful flick parting. Musically, this album is all very dirty euro-dance with some nice ironic cover versions, especially his version of ‘Burning down the house’.

Work rating: I listened to it during the writing of an IT microsite and it kept me jolly throughout…

‘We are not the Infadels’ by the Infadels
If the Infadels aren’t the Infadels, who are the Infadels? It’s post-modernism gone mad. This album is a chug-along mix of indie rock with electronica. It’s got the momentum of a runaway train, but I think it lacks depth of mood. I wonder how often I’ll go back to listen again…

Work rating:
Apart from the opening track, it kind of passed me by a bit as I wrote an article for a gaming site

‘Back to Mine’ by Liam Prodigy
This went on the speakers when I got to work and one of the ‘Experience Architects’ told me to turn it down, so it gets the thumbs up. It’s a varied collection of music chosen the brains behind the Prodigy. Meat Beat Manifesto, ELO, Public Enemy, Dolly Parton! Come on – top stuff!

Work rating:
For upsetting normally-shy poncily-job-titled colleagues, it’s the winner so far!

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