Friday, July 18, 2008

I Dreamt a Song Last Night

I can still remember some of the lyrics. I was improvising with a rock star while interviewing him outside the ruins of my old university building in West Ham. We were both riding those big black bikes you find in Amsterdam. What does that symbolise, I wonder? Any psychoanalysts visiting?

Here are the words I can still recall:

There was a road,

And along that road,

There was a field,

And through that field,

Ran a river of blood,

It flowed,

Deep and wide,

No one knew where

Along that road,

Along that road


Steve said...

Reminds me of an episode of Tge Grimm Tales of Billy & Mandy (yeah, kid's telly again) where they traipsed through a desert to a real corny country soundtrack: "...and the sun beat down... like an angry woman. And his blood ran cold... like an angry woman..." Definitely of that calibre you'll be pleased to hear.

Tristan said...

And there I was thinking I was the new Nick Cave!

Steve said...

Nick Heywood, maybe...