Friday, July 25, 2008

Sunglasses, Cynicism and Terrorism

How nice to find that there are honest people in London. I drunkenly dropped my sunglasses in Potion on Maple Street last night and only figured out that I was missing them this morning. When I popped up to Potion, someone had handed them in AND none of the staff kept them for themselves. I suppose that the vast majority of people are honest, otherwise society would simply break down. My cynicism level is now officially reduced to ‘substantial’.

Incidentally, the Home Office’s national security threat level is currently ‘severe’, which means ‘an attack is highly likely’. Wonder if it ever gets lower than that?


Steve said...

Wow, your cynicism level certainly is substantial. I would quite expect a member of the public to think "finders keepers" but I would expect a paid member of staff to be more honourable as a matter of course.

Tristan said...

What can I say? Obviously 18 years in London has taken its toll on my previously idealistic soul!