Thursday, April 27, 2006

Fonz debate

After I raised the possibility of the Fonz running for president, Steve emailed me poo-pooing the idea. Here are his comments:

“Yeah, the Fonz may have been cool… but look at Ritchie Cunningham! Ritchie’s dad was cooler than he was! And was The Fonz that cool? An inarticulate biker without a posse who never went on any road trips whose white t-shirt was always immaculately clean – very suspiciously so. No steady girlfriend…clean teeth…strange magnetism to Ritchie. See what I’m saying? I think Fonz was an early version of Will & Grace. Oh my God and Jennifer Jason Leigh! Ritchie and Grace are both gingers!”

If I attempt to ignore the fact that Steve has a disturbing knowledge of Will & Grace, I think what he’s saying is that Fonzie’s coolness was sanitised and fake. Or that he was a repressed homosexual.

Another alarming revelation is that my girlfriend used to fancy the Fonz. So now he’s a rival. Could my misty-eyed vision of a Fonz presidency be in tatters?


Steve said...

Mate, here's my coup de grace: any dude that had Suzie Quatro as a mis-firing love interest can never EVER be considered cool...!

Steve said...

...and can certainly be considered gay.