Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Pie update!

I've just received this heartbreaking email from Kev:

Dear Tristan,

I was sat in the exact chair as the man in the picture in your blog yesterday when I saw a pie in the pie warmer.

I enquired after it’s availability. Needless to say, after a ten minute wait the waiter returned saying the pie was unavailable. In reality I believe he had forgotten my request and returned only after realising the pie had been purchased by another customer.

I had a beef sandwich instead (which I waited 40 mins for). It was okay.

My misery continues.

I bid you good day.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Two Smiths' employees overheard last Thursday: "Here comes that bald bloke with the fat nose, 'ere, he'll ask for a pie, beef, with chips, take his order, leave it 20 or so minutes and then go up to him and tell him there's been a mistake and all the pies are gone and would he like to order something else. you'll piss yourself at how angry he gets"