Friday, April 07, 2006

Wikipedia Zealotry Shock

You’d be astonished to discover that Hollywood hasn’t snapped me up after my phenomenal film synopses appeared on this blog yesterday. It would be easy for me to blame Ray Mears, but I’ll rise above that kind of small-mindedness.

Speaking of Ray, I visited his Wikipedia entry yesterday. I must admit it was purely to add a link to the page, pointing people to my Mears Apocalypse vision.

I’ve always wondered about the entries on Wikipedia. As they’re provided by members of the public and can added to by members of public, what’s to stop anyone from just making stuff up for fun? For instance, why not amend the entry on King Charles II to suggest he was married to a badger named Leonard? Or change the write-up on Jamie Oliver to say he’s a fat-tongued cock?

Well, I had my answer yesterday – the entries on Wikipedia are guarded by zealots with the devotion of 9th Century monks and the ferocity of Mastiffs. Almost as soon as I’d cheekily added the link to my blog, it was removed. I added it again to see what would happen. It was removed again. Someone was obviously watching the Ray Mears page like a fucking hawk.

Now, dear reader, you may wonder WHO THE FUCK would pay THAT much attention to the Ray Mears page on Wikipedia? Has the Cult of Ray already begun to recruit members BEFORE Armageddon? Or is it Ray himself, jealously protecting his precious public profile?

I fear it may be a mystery we never solve...

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Ray Mears said...

Beware. I see all. I am in possession of an elastic band and a branch of ash wood and I know how to use them...