Monday, April 24, 2006

Pregnancy is odd

Far from being ‘the most natural thing in the world’, I reckon being pregnant is the most UNNATURAL and bizarre thing in world. I just had an email from Emily saying:

“The baby has not stopped moving all morning and it feels like he's grown overnight - his little foot keeps ribbing me at the same time as his hands are hitting me right down in my pelvis! If I push or tickle his foot he moves his hand!”

Of course, I’ve felt the boy kick and move, but it seems to be getting more like John Hurt in ‘Alien’ everyday. Let’s think about this – there’s a human being with a will of his own (and, it seems, an aerobics programme) INSIDE my girlfriend. What on earth is natural about that?!

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Posted at 2:27pm. That your lunch hour, eh Tris?