Monday, July 31, 2006

My Paternity Achievements

I'm now in my last week of paternity leave, which makes me sad as I'm enjoying my time with Stan. His character is already becoming apparent - he's definitely got a stubborn streak and takes life very seriously. Especially when it comes to feeds. When he's awake and free of stomach gripes, he's becoming curious about the world - he has a good old look around and is especially interested in bright colours and faces.

He's spent a couple of weekends with his brother and sister now. Mila and Frankie have been lovely with Stan, wanting to hug and play with him. He's considered even more interesting than playing Sonic or looking at pokemon cards on the Internet - which is quite a compliment, believe me!

Of course, all my good intentions about redecorating or doing amazing things in the garden while on paternity have gone by the wayside. I have, however, watched the 'Band of Brothers' boxed set (which, despite ponderous American sincerity and sentimentality, was gripping drama), played lots of Mario on the Nintendo DS Lite and completed the Guardian concise crossword every day. Considerable achievements I'm sure you'll agree.

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