Sunday, July 16, 2006

Stan has arrived!

After hours of pain, exhaustion and gore, Emily has delivered our son, who weighed in at a whopping 9.8 lbs. No wonder it was hard to push him out! Poor Em - getting Stan out looked like hell. I know that birth is a messy business, but I was alarmed by the amount of blood, cutting, injections and other visceral fun. However, the moment that little Stan was forced into the world was magical. Hey, I even got to cut the cord! There you go - I did have a useful part to play!

As you'll see Stan takes after his mum - another redhead in the family!

Stan the man after a bit of a clean-up

Em cuddles our son

Father/son bonding begins!


mjh said...

Hearty congrats! "The beginning of a great adventure." As Lou Reed might say. If he was reading your site.

Steve said...

Big congratulations to you both - and to Stan of course. Obviously destined to be a man who does things in his own time!

emma said...

Congratulations! And a big welcome to big little Stan. Aww. x

fritz said...

Well done, son.

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