Friday, July 14, 2006

Waiting on the ward

I've popped home after a day with Emily on the maternity ward. She went in to have labour induced last night, but after an overnight stay and hours listening to the baby on a heart monitor, the 'induction' has finally started. Everything at Whipps Cross hospital seems to take forever. You have to learn immense patience when you're in the hands of the NHS.

Irregular contractions began night, but it seems that Stan's still not keen on going anywhere. I'm beginning to suspect that he's not going to come out until he's in his late forties. I suppose that would save on nappies and childcare.

I'll keep updating the blog as things progress, not that there's much to report so far. Come on, Stan - we want to meet you!


Steve said...

Thinking of you both - best wishes.

Anonymous said...

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