Sunday, July 16, 2006

Stan: Day One

He sleeps, he poos, he burps, he feeds, he falls asleep again. He cries very, very occasionally. Contrary to the rumours, no, that isn't a description of my usual working day.

There are two words to describe Stan so far: chilled out. He's unbelievably placid. It may just be because he's knackered after the birth experience. God knows, his mum and I certainly are.

Em's stuck in hospital until tomorrow morning because Stan had pooed in his birth sac and may have swallowed some of it. This often happens with late babies apparently. This poo has a great scientific name to make it sound less like poo: 'Meconium'. This is the first plop a baby does, made up of materials ingested during the time he spends in the uterus: intestinal epithelial cells, lanugo, mucus, aminotic fluid, bile and water. Yum!

I spent the day on the ward and helped Emily to look after our little bruiser. My memories of Stan are all sensual - the smell of him, the incredible softness of his hair, the weight of him in my arms. I remember all these things with Mila and Frankie, they're memories that don't fade with time.

Em, Stan and I had plenty of visitors today - my mum, Em's mum and dad, our friends Matt and Jen. Our visitors didn't get much attention from Stan - he slept instead of holding court!

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